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Crudex Group is…

an energy and commodity trading firm that connects producers of crude oil, refined products, natural gas, LNG, metals and minerals with consumers. Our trading business is supported by investments in energy infrastructures including natural gas power plants, terminals, petrochemicals, and renewables. We are committed to providing a reliable, efficient, and safe working environment for all parties involved. 

Our main focus is LNG midstream and gas power in the Indo-Pacific region where energy demand is strong and growing. 

Origins and adapting to the future:

We started as an oil trader in Kuwait in the 1970’s and have been transitioning to a focus on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) since 2005. 

As new energy sources like Hydrogen become commercially viable, we are incorporating these technologies into our business.

Environmental & Socio-Economic Impacts

Our mission is to provide a sustainable supply of modern energy that delivers environmental, economic, and social benefits. Access to modern energy is essential for providing clean water, sanitation, education, and healthcare, which are fundamental to people’s well-being and economic development.

Our business provides the following benefits:


Reduce deforestation by cutting use of wood & charcoal for cooking & heating through access to modern energy.

Reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and eliminate Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) by substituting coal with natural gas power generation.

Support renewable implementation by providing grid firming and power peaking capacity only provided with natural gas turbines.

Affordable alternatives to battery electricity storage for renewables through peaking power provided by natural gas turbines.

Employment opportunities throughout the entire supply chain to support local business and communities.

Community health benefits from reduced air pollution by replacing wood, charcoal, and coal with natural gas and electricity.

Accomplishing Our Mission

We source commodities globally to supply clean modern energy to the growing Indo-Pacific market.


“LNG is the fastest-growing energy segment in the world.”

– Deloitte

“Indian gas market is expecting six times growth by 2030.”

– Business Standard

Our Mission

To provide clean, affordable, and sustainable modern energy to meet growing demand.

Our Purpose

Improve people's health, environment, and prosperity through greater access to modern energy.

Clean energy for the future

Our business includes:




Energy & Commodity Trading

Energy, Metals, & Minerals


Energy terminals, transport, & storage


Gas Power, Petrochemicals, Hydrogen & Renewables

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