Energy Infrastructure and Commodities

Crudex Group is…

an investment partnership that specializes in Energy Infrastructure (terminals, gas turbine cogeneration, petrochemicals, nuclear, solar, and hydroelectric) and Commodities (energy and precious metals).

A Canadian-Kuwaiti partnership, operating as Crudex International Petroleum Products Ltd, that partnered with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) energy companies and institutional investors.

Crudex Group sources, develops, structures, and invests in energy infrastructure projects and commodity trading opportunities globally. Currently concentrating on LNG to Power projects in the Indo-Pacific region, where energy demand is strong and growing. 

Joint ventures have been formed with Private, Public, and Public Sector Enterprises to co-develop energy infrastructure and to provide the resources to bring these projects to a successful conclusion. 

The partners have over five decades of energy trading and project development experience.

Origins and adapting to the future

Crudex got its start as an oil trader in Kuwait five decades ago and has adapted to market changes as the energy industry transitioned from oil and coal to cleaner natural gas and renewables. Crudex changed its focus to LNG and power generation in 2005 with the development of LNG terminals, gas power and solar projects in India.

As new energy sources, such as new nuclear technology and hydrogen become commercially viable, Crudex intends to incorporate these technologies into its portfolio.

The “X” in the company’s name is like a crossroad that reflects and emphasizes this transition.  

Socio-Economic Impacts

Crudex Group delivers economic and social value by providing a greater supply of modern energy. Access to modern energy is essential to provide clean water, sanitation, education, and healthcare, which is crucial for people’s well-being and economic development.

Crudex Group investments will provide the following benefits:


Energy security through access to affordable modern energy.

Reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and eliminate Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) by converting from coal to natural gas power generation.

Gas turbine plants provide electricity peaking capacity not provided by coal, nuclear, or renewable power plants.

Gas power provides affordable alternatives to power storage from batteries to support renewable energy implementation.

Employment opportunities throughout the entire project value chain and supports local business through affordable and viable energy.

Increase opportunities to expand commercial, industrial, and city gas distribution networks.

Accomplishing Our Strategy

Crudex Group is accomplishing its strategy through investment and development of Hybrid Gas – Solar power projects that provide clean energy to the growing South Asian market.


“LNG is the fastest-growing energy segment in the world.”

– Deloitte

“Indian gas market is expecting six times growth by 2030.”

– Business Standard

“India needs 11 additional LNG import terminals with an increase of 70 million tons per year.”

– LNG World News

Our Mission

To provide clean, affordable, and sustainable modern energy to meet growing demand.

Our Purpose

Improve people's health, environment, and prosperity through greater access to modern energy.

Bridging Gas Power + Renewables into the future

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is clean, affordable, and sustainable and is known as a Bridge to renewables. Crudex Group develop hybrid power plants that combine clean natural gas with renewable energy (wind, solar, and hydro) until cleaner technologies involving hydrogen and new nuclear become commercially viable in the future.

Crudex Group is bridging into the future.



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